Adopted / Posted 2 years ago

Wilbur is incredibly active and playfully, but he also loves to curl up with his human on their bed or the couch when it’s nap time.

He would do really, really well in a family environment with kids, a household that can match his energy.

He is a great eater if he likes the smell of something he might try to take it from your hand, or even your mouth, we have been working on this, but he will likely need some more training around this. He loves drinking water from the water fountain, sometimes he will just watch it as well.

He loves to hid in things cupboards, bags, shoes, under the couch as well as pet beds and scratching posts, and sleep in/on blankets and clothes. He will likely sleep on you at night, but is very respectful if you move him, as long as he gets to stay near you.

  • Birthdate : 30/8/2021
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Energy Energy Energy