Adopted / Posted 7 months ago

Frankie is well Frankie. If there is trouble to be had Frankie is in it, climbing too high or on something precarious. Knocking things down because there is a smell behind or under it. You thought about a cat purring, Frankie is on the case. Untied shoe lace… tied shoe lace, Frankie’s got your foot. Frankie is so full of love and life that he will thrive in just about any situation.

Frankie will need lots of climbing options, and/or a family who is okay with him climbing legs, furniture and curtains. Frankie is a good eater, and loves to drink from and play with the water fountain. You will find it hard to do anything without Frank finding a way to involve himself, he will need to be a huge part of your day and life.

You will need to check cupboards and curtains and boxes and blinds and suitcases before closing them, because he will get inside. Frankie would do well in a big, loud house where he has unlimited attention and a bed or 2 to curl up on, be warned he will want to share you pillow.

  • Birthdate : 30/8/2021
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Monkey man!