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NOTE: We cannot hold pets. Please only submit an EOI below when you are ready and in a position to adopt and know which kitty you want to enquire about.

Adoption fee is $350 for all cats and kittens to help cover the cost of their desexing, vaccination (first of two or three), microchip and parasite control while in care. 

Adopting a pet rescued from deathrow or the streets is very rewarding. Not only are you getting a new furry family member, but you are also freeing up a spot in a foster carer’s home so that the next kitty can be rescued.

When adopting your new best friend it can be an exciting time meeting your potential new best friend, and also anxious ensuring you make the best decision. Our foster carers will be able to help by telling you all about the personality, traits, and history of the animal since it has been in care, and ask you a series of questions to ensure the right home for the pet.

We are committed to ensuring every pet adopted from us goes to a suitable loving home where they can live their happy ever after. We also like to ensure that the animal is best matched to the person’s circumstances, lifestyle and family (especially other furry family members).

To ensure a happy ever after, we offer a two week trial period where if the pet doesn’t suit or settle into the new home we are happy to take them back and offer a full refund of the adoption fee. We are available to talk through any issues with rehoming and try to ensure this is a last resort which on rare occasions does happen.

If in the unfortunate situation at any time you need to rehome your pet adopted from us, please contact us to assist with rehoming, and under no circumstances should you take the pet to the pound or shelter.

Adoption form


Adoption form: Re-Expression of Interest


Our Scaredy-Pants program is where you can adopt a timid kitten under 6 months old and through our online face to face program you can socialise and raise your kitten. Check out more information here:

Scaredy-Pants Program


Adoption Process for Cat & Kittens

  1. Browse We advertise our cats and kittens on our Facebook page. Take your time to read through the profiles each foster carer has written about their personalities but please note that it is often hard to get amazing photos of our fosters (they look much more adorable in person). Sometimes when we’re super busy in kitten season we will advertise a whole litter and tell you about their personalities and what they like and don’t like when you meet them. 


  1. Enquire Submit an expression of interest using the form above. Feel free to request to meet individual kittens or the whole litter. You will hear back from the foster carer who may ask some further questions and if suitable will arrange a meeting. 
  1. Meet After a chat with the foster carer, you’ll arrange a time to meet the cat/kitten that suits you and the foster carer. Please ensure all household members come along for the meeting. There is no obligation to adopt the kitty, we encourage you to take your time and meet as many as you like to make the best decision for your family. The foster carer will ask you a series of questions about your personal circumstances, lifestyle and family (especially other furry members), and be able to tell you all about the cat/kitten’s personality, traits, and preferences. If you aren’t sure which one will suit your family, please feel free to send us a message on Facebook or email us anytime and we can suggest which ones may suit you. PLEASE NOTE: during this COVID pandemic we are not doing face to face adoption meetings in the first instance, so you will take part in a video interview with us, our foster animal and your family.
    Scent Exkedilerde-burun-kanamasichange (optional) – we ask that you bring a small blanket or item of clothing (like a jumper or small blanket) to leave at the carers house for if it is a match, so the kitty can get used to your scent before the adoption day. We find it helps the cat/kitten settle in to their new home better if they become familiar with a family members scent, and importantly they will have scents from their foster home (their siblings) on the item when settling into their new home. 
  1. Prepare If it’s a match, then make sure you have a space setup at home for your new arrival, you can use this useful Preparing for your Furry Friend Checklist for tips. Please ensure you have a plastic cat carrier (or steel framed, but not material only style) to pick up your kitty in.
  1. Pay Please ensure the full adoption fee has been paid electronically into the bank account prior to picking up. 
  2. Collect At the agreed time and day you can come and pick up your new best friend (and your blanket/clothing) and commence a two-week trial period. If you have any questions or issues during this time we are always happy if you give us a call. You will be given a change of ownership form and adoption agreement to fill in at the adoption. 
  3. Trial Period (two weeks) At the end of the first week of the trial period we ask that you contact the foster carer that you adopted from to let them know how your new kitty is settling in. At the end of the trial period (two weeks after the adoption date) we ask that you again contact the foster carer to complete the trial period and commence your happy ever after with your new best friend.
  1. Updates Our foster carers and followers love seeing the beautiful kitties in their new home and enjoying their new life. We encourage you to please feel free to share your photos with us and let us know how they are going. Hearing about our furry fosters in loving and caring forever homes is what makes it all worthwhile for us. Please send us a message on Facebook to update us on your furbaby, or use this form.