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NOTE: We cannot hold pets. Please only submit an EOI below when you are ready and in a position to adopt and know which pet you want to enquire about.

Adoption fees

  • Kittens (single): $450 
  • Kittens (pair): $400 each 
  • Cats: from $395 
  • Cats (PetConnect): $250 
  • Puppies: from $895 
  • Dogs: from $495
  • Dogs (PetConnect): from $350 
  • Other species: TBC depending on species, vet work required, etc

All cats/kittens and dogs/puppies are desexed, vaccinated (first), microchipped and parasite controlled. If they have a second vaccination while in our care then the adoption fee is $70 extra for kittens and $100 extra for puppies. Government / Council Registration (additional to microchip registration) needs to be done per State or Territory requirements for the species of animal by the new owner.

PetConnect is our direct assisted rehoming service where we screen animals in need of a home, ensure all vet work is completed and screen and connect them directly to a suitable new home without the stress of going through a pound, shelter or foster care network.

We fundraise to afford the full cost of medical treatment and care which can cost us thousands per animal. Please consider making a donation to help us save more lives.**

  • While in our care our animals are fed a balanced species-specific diet using premium quality foods and supplements (as required) for their wellbeing, development and recovery. We put a lot of time and effort into teaching and encouraging positive behaviours in our animals for good relationships with people and other pets for their lifetime. We have strong infection control protocols and use vet-grade disinfectant to ensure our animals are housed safely and healthy in their loving foster homes. 

Adopting a pet who we’ve rescued from death-row in pounds, surrendered to us, or from the streets is very rewarding. Not only are you getting a new furry family member, but you are also freeing up a spot in a foster carer’s home so that the next animal can be saved.

When adopting your new furbaby it can be an exciting and anxious time ensuring you make the best decision but we are here to guide you through the process for a successful outcome. Our adoption team will be able to help by telling you all about the personality, traits, and history of the animal since it has been in our care, and ask you a series of questions to ensure the right home for the pet.

We are committed to matching people and pets for the best possible long term outcome for everyone. We ensure every pet adopted from us goes to a suitable and loving home where they can live their happy ever after. We also like to ensure that the animal is best matched to the person’s circumstances, lifestyle and family (especially other furry family members).

To ensure a happy ever after, we offer a two week trial period where if the pet doesn’t suit or settle into the new home we are happy to take them back and offer a full refund of the adoption fee. We are available to talk through any issues with rehoming and try to ensure this is a last resort which on rare occasions does happen.

If in the unfortunate situation at any time you need to rehome your pet adopted from us, please contact us to assist with rehoming, and under no circumstances should you take the pet to a pound or animal shelter.

Our Scaredy-Pants program is where you can adopt a timid kitten under 6 months old and through our online face to face program you can socialise and raise your kitten. Further information is available here:

Scaredy-Pants Program


Adoption Process

  1. Browse We advertise our Adoptables as they become ready for new homes, each with their individual profiles their foster carer has written about their personalities, along with photos of them. We are committed to matching people and pets for the best possible long term outcome for everyone. 


  1. Enquire Fill in the adoption form to make an enquiry for any pets you are interested in adopting. If you are shortlisted one of our team will contact you to discuss your application and arrange a video interview with all members of your household, followed by an in-person meeting for dogs. Please note we cannot always get back to unsuccessful applicants due to resourcing constraints.
  1. Video Interview Our volunteer adoption officer will ask you and any household members some further questions to ensure the right match for you and the pet. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you have about the pet and see the pet in an environment where it is comfortable with it’s foster carer. You will be asked to show us around your house and yard to check suitability for the pet and chat about any changes that may be required.  You will be asked a series of questions about your personal circumstances, lifestyle and family (especially other furry members), and be able to tell you all about the foster animals personality, traits, and preferences. PLEASE NOTE: during this COVID pandemic we are not doing face-to-face adoption meetings in the first instance, so you will take part in a video interview with us, our foster animal and your family.
  2. Prepare If it’s a match, then make sure you have a space setup at home for your new arrival, you can use this useful Preparing for your Furry Friend Checklist for tips. Something worth considering for cats is cat netting to create a safe outdoor space for them. Checkout for ideas on what can be easily built and use code “canberrapetrescue” for a 5% discount on all items. Please ensure you have a sturdy plastic or steel framed transport carrier for cats and small animals (not material style) ready for pickup, and fitted harness and seatbelt for dogs and puppies. You will be required to have the same food purchased for your new arrival (that they have been eating in foster care) to avoid tummy upsets which can have devastating impacts especially for puppies and kittens.
  3. Agreement & payment you will be emailed an adoption agreement which is required to be agreed to via reply email and adoption fee payment needs to be made electronically. If within three days of pickup, please send a receipt of payment to

    Bank details are as follows.

    Account Name: Canberra Pet Rescue Incorporated

    BSB: 062 900

    Account Number: 1100 1488

    Reference: <animal foster name of part thereof>

  4. Adoption day! At the agreed time and day you can come and pick up your new furbaby and commence a two-week trial period. If you have any questions or issues we are always happy if you give us a call. You will be given a microchip change of ownership form to fill in and sign at the adoption pickup. 

    For cats: we recommend putting the kitty into a room of their own with food, water, litter and tower (and scratchers) for a few hours to days while they get used to their new surrounds and new humans. Let the kitty explore the rest of their new home at their space ensuring access back to their room is open. Once kitty is happy exploring then start to move items out of the room and to the places in the home  slowly (e.g. litter, bowls etc). 

  5. Trial Period (two weeks) At the end of the first week of the trial period we ask that you contact the foster carer that you adopted from to let them know how your new kitty is settling in. At the end of the trial period (two weeks after the adoption date) we ask that you again contact the volunteer adoption officer to complete the trial period and commence your happy ever after with your new furbaby.
  6. Update

    Our foster carers and followers love seeing the beautiful kitty’s in their new home and enjoying their new life. Successful outcomes for our fosters is what keeps us going through the tough times, and there are many of these in rescue.

    We encourage you to please feel free to share your photos with us and let us know how they are going.

    Please use this form to update us. We also love featuring past fosters in our “Furever stories” series on Facebook so please feel free to send us a blurb on how they’re going after a few months with some pictures and we’ll put it in a post to share with everyone 🙂