Foster Caring

Foster caring is a rewarding way to make a difference to many pets lives.

Foster caring can be challenging with many animals coming into care in a bad way and requiring treatment, socialisation and training, however seeing them thrive and go to a new loving home makes it all the worth while.

Foster caring is a lot more than cuddling pets all day, it involves a lot of time socialising and cleaning the environment for our fosters to ensure they are happy, healthy and suitable for a loving furrever home. Sometimes this can be as short as 2 weeks, while other times can take up to a few months. Foster carers will need to be able to take the fosters on for the full duration unless prior agreement with CPR.

There are different types of foster caring:

  1. Standard care – this is usually a few weeks to months while they go through a minimum of a two week quarantine period, are vet worked (desexed, vaccinated and microchipped), socialised (smothered with love and cuddles), trained (if required for dogs), and then a suitable home is found. All kittens need to be at least 1kg in weight to be vet worked which typically occurs around 12 wks of age.
  2. Respite care – this is usually for 2-3 weeks to give a foster carer a break and/or give some kittens some extra socialisation.
  3. Special needs care – this is often longer term or more intensive. Pets with medical conditions, food sensitivities, arthritis, etc require some extra attention and often medication and treatment for their special needs.

As a foster carer, you will receive support and guidance to help you through the process from start to finish.  All medical and vet expenses are covered by CPR, including parasite control. All we ask of foster carers is to provide the daily needs – shelter, food, litter, a clean environment and lots of attention and cuddles. Foster carers need to be able to spend at least two hours with the pets daily to ensure they are well socialised. All donated food and litter is shared amongst foster carers. Specialised diets are provided by CPR.

All cats and dogs residing at the foster carers property will need to be desexed, microchipped and have up to date vaccinations and parasite control. Evidence of this will need to be provided to CPR prior to commencing.

Foster carers will need:

– a car and licence to be able to take them to vet appointments – to desex, vaccinate and microchip, and any additional appointments if unwell. Our partnered vets are wonderful and located mostly in the north of Canberra – Belconnen, Manuka and Queanbeyan.

cats: have a suitable room to house and quarantine cats and kittens that is separate from other animals and people. Most foster carers use a spare bedroom for this purpose. Furniture and items in the room will need to be suitable for the purpose and able to be sprayed with a veterinary grade disinfectant provided to prevent any cross-contamination between cats/kittens.

-be prepared that most kittens that come into our care will have diarrhoea at some stage for a variety of reasons and it will involve treatment (e.g. parasite control, antibiotics, vitamins, etc) and many litter changes to ensure they always have a clean and suitable environment. They will also need their bottoms kept cleaned by their carers while sick.

dogs: a secure yard with access inside the home for sleeping at night. Fosters need access to indoor and outdoor areas that are away from all other pets and kids.

other pets: may need certain housing and cages/crates or runs which CPR will provide on a loan basis. Species of animals will be matched to foster carer based on experience, environment and desire.

-be willing to collaboratively work with and communicate with CPR management in line with policies, practices and guidance to ensure the best outcome for all foster pets.

All foster pets will need access to an area of their own away from other pets and human family members. All existing pets are the responsibility of their owners and must be suitable to share their home with fosters. We recommend not having residing pets and fosters together to minimise stress and risks of transmission from virus’ and parasites. Medical expenses of residing pets is the responsibility of owners.

We don’t “sugar-coat” fostering pets as we want to ensure foster carers are well aware of all risks and are well prepared and supported to adequately care for all fosters to ensure a rewarding experience for both the pets and carers. A member of the CPR management team will discuss all of this in detail with all potential foster carers prior to commencing.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome a gorgeous furbaby from the streets, a kill list at the pound or surrendered by an owner who may have passed away. It is hard to say goodbye when they head off to their new forever home, but there are so many that wouldn’t be alive without the dedicated care and love given by our wonderful foster carers.

Come and join our CPR family to work together to save more little lives!

If you have the time, love and ability to foster some beautiful pets in need, please complete the Foster Carer Application Form and one of our team will be in touch.