Canberra Pet Rescue is a registered not-for-profit charity (incorporated association), with cats and kittens cared for in foster carers homes across Canberra. We primarily rescue cats and kittens on ‘death-row’ at pounds, but also take those who have been surrendered or abandoned.

We aim to ensure that no matter how they come into this world, every cat/kitten we save is given the chance to find a happy and loving forever home.
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Discounts- Cat Netting


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Have you seen the structures that can be erected with this fantastic product?
Easy to install yourself, or pay a tradie to do it for you 🛠

Our fosters have certainly put this product to the test – not a single hole in the netting and still going strong! Kittens just love climbing up it 😹

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Cats on Mats

The original and the best!

We held Canberra’s first ever Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) session on the 20th of January 2017. Our kittens loved their yoga session and we received some amazing feedback! You can read an article about it from the Canberra Times here.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback and support, we have successful ran over 20 Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) sessions now!! We have a dedicated and amazing group of volunteer yoga instructors who have come up with an incredible yoga routine for all levels to have as much fun with the kittens as possible.

Our kittens love the sessions which hugely help with their socialisation skills. The zen atmosphere in the studio makes the kittens feel like they’re in control of the class and they like to meet everyone with their funny interactive antics!

We advertise these events on our Facebook when they are coming up, and they sell out fast so stay tuned!

Ensure you keep an eye out for the upcoming Cats on Mats sessions and other fun events on our events page.



Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueWednesday, August 21st, 2019 at 2:00pm
Check out these amazing prizes from BWS Belconnen and Astral Float Studio Bruce!!

How to enter:
1. Send us a message with how many tickets you’d like and your phone number (so we can call if you win)

2. Transfer the payment via paypal (canberrapetrescue@gmail.com) or bank transfer. BSB: 062 900
Account Number: 1100 1488

3. We’ll send you back your ticket numbers


Winners will be called and announced on Facebook, and must be able to pickup prize from Canberra 🎁
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet Rescue shared a post.Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 1:58pm
Late last year we tried very hard to save these two chicks. We pleaded with the Minister (thanks to a wonderful local MLA) to put up a small temporary barrier on the roundabout but weren’t permitted to do so. We saw multiple drivers deliberately speed up and try to hit these chicks, we were appalled. The other drivers slowed down and took care. They can’t fly until they are 8 weeks old.

Shortly after trying, the two chicks were sadly run over. They were only 7 days old.

It’s now plover (masked lapwing) season again.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN DRIVING as the chicks walk on the roads as they commonly nest on roundabouts and median strips.

The parents protect their chicks so also be careful when walking - you’ll know if you’re too close as they’ll swoop and screech to warn you.

They are a protected species and it is illegal to harm or kill them, their eggs, their babies or nests. Please report any issues to Access Canberra on 132281.
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueTuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 9:30am
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