Canberra Pet Rescue is a registered not-for-profit charity (incorporated association), with cats and kittens cared for in foster carers homes across Canberra. We primarily rescue cats and kittens on ‘death-row’ at pounds, but also take those who have been surrendered or abandoned.

We aim to ensure that no matter how they come into this world, every cat/kitten we save is given the chance to find a happy and loving forever home.
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Cats on Mats

The original and the best!

We held Canberra’s first ever Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) session on the 20th of January 2017. Our kittens loved their yoga session and we received some amazing feedback! You can read an article about it from the Canberra Times here.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback and support, we have successful ran over 20 Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) sessions now!! We have a dedicated and amazing group of volunteer yoga instructors who have come up with an incredible yoga routine for all levels to have as much fun with the kittens as possible.

Our kittens love the sessions which hugely help with their socialisation skills. The zen atmosphere in the studio makes the kittens feel like they’re in control of the class and they like to meet everyone with their funny interactive antics!

We advertise these events on our Facebook when they are coming up, and they sell out fast so stay tuned!

Ensure you keep an eye out for the upcoming Cats on Mats sessions and other fun events on our events page.

Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueWednesday, September 30th, 2020 at 1:47pm
Our beautiful Lola who came into our care a little while ago after his owner passed away, came back to us a few weeks ago after it didn’t work out with his new owner (due to no fault of his own) BUT he has now gone to his wonderful new forever home, after more medical procedures and more care.

When we took in Lola the vet found a little lump on his neck and his teeth weren’t great, so we booked in for the procedures and explained this to his new owner.

Long story short, we took him in for a dental to clean his teeth and remove a badly decayed tooth which would’ve been causing a lot of pain, had two biopsies of the small lump done, further blood tests, another vaccination, some medications and much to his horror, an enema to relieve constipation.

As a scaredy-pants he understandably didn’t do too well with the changes, vet appointments and drugs, which caused a lot of stress and some bad constipation which took a while but was sorted. Not once did he show an ounce of aggression, he’s one of the most tolerant cats we’ve had in care and has so much love to give.

The little lump was scheduled to be removed but after it appeared to be related to his thyroid it was advised not to remove it and he might have an early sign of a possible thyroid issue later in life, even though he doesn’t have other symptoms, which may mean he’ll have to have medication in his food daily if it happens, certainly not the end of the world.

What was most important to us was finding the right home after so much stress. We’re thrilled to announce he’s now in his new home and settling in where he’s very loved and spoilt rotten 😻

He’s joined our Scaredy-Pants program with his new owners and we’re confident with their dedication and effort, and time, this gentle giant will become a very bonded and affectionate boy with his owners.

Along with all that we do comes high expenses for medical care, tests, medications, food, litter and a range of other essentials. If you can help towards Lolas vet bills and all of the other bills we currently have, we’d greatly appreciate any support you can offer:


Huge thank you to our monthly sponsors, you guys help so much to allow us to continue doing what we do 🧡😽
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueTuesday, September 29th, 2020 at 1:23pm
Introducing Wattle (aka Wattie) and Waratah (aka Warrie) 😻😻

Thank you so much for all of your naming suggestions 😽

We’ve landed on Wattie being the ginger and white boy, and Warrie the ginger boy who we can assure you...does not have an off switch!

These two boys aren’t available just yet but stay tuned to our page as we head into kitten season and things get a little crazy and hectic 🤪

To help us feature in your feed during our busiest time of year please like or comment on this post 🙏
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueMonday, September 28th, 2020 at 5:46am

Suggestions needed in the comments below for these two little boys please. Their litter theme is “Flowers” so please keep name suggestions in line with this 🌷🌼🌻🌹🌺💐

As you can imagine, ensuring these boys (and others in our care) have quality food, parasite control, vet work, toys, beds etc costs us a lot and rely solely on donations. If you can help we would greatly appreciate donations:

Please share 🙏🧡
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueSunday, September 27th, 2020 at 5:17am
It’s warming up, flowers are blossoming, and kittens are being born! Welcome to Spring, aka “Kitten Season” and we’ve certainly been off to a busy start!
These cuties came in a few weeks ago at the start of Spring so what better naming theme for them than “Flowers” 😻 🌷

These cuties came in from a life on the streets, not having a bed, food or care and mumma having to fight to keep these bubs alive.

Mumma is now called Daisy, thanks to Lyn and Ray Turner for sponsoring her to give her some delicious premium food and things that she loves, and she is such a sweet little girl we just adore her. The bubs were only 4-5 weeks old when they came in, which is older than most kittens at this time of year but from what we’ve seen so far it’s going to be a hectic kitten season.

They aren’t ready for homes just yet but we’ll let everyone know when they are. We’re a little behind in updates but hope you enjoy this cute little snippet of our babies.

If you’d like to help us this kitten season, donations are very appreciated:
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueFriday, September 25th, 2020 at 9:30pm

Meet Samurai (black and white) and Magenta (tabby), two bonded four year old girls looking for their perfect new homes.
Samurai loves to nap in the sun and Magenta loves to snuggle in your lap or at your feet in bed.

They’ve been together since they were around 1yr old and love playing together and need a home together. Samurai (Sammy) will love anyone immediately, Magenta will eye you from under the couch before coming to check you out and see if you’re an option for a pat and a snuggle. Magenta loves to chase sun reflections which is a great joy to watch 😹

Both are very cuddly girls who are great with kids and the family, and are both desexed, vaccinated and chipped and quite used to being indoors.

If you’re interested in adopting please put in an EOI here: https://www.canberrapetrescue.org.au/eoi/

IF you’ve already applied in the last 90 days please just submit a quick form here: https://www.canberrapetrescue.org.au/reoi/
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet Rescue is feeling thankful at The Canberra Hospital.Thursday, September 24th, 2020 at 9:30pm
The Canberra Hospital
This beautiful person is Dr Tatiana, a kind and skilled surgeon at The Canberra Hospital who we can’t thank enough!! A few weeks ago she assessed and operated on our President Amanda’s hand following bite puncture wounds, one of which got infected and spread through the soft tissue of her hand within hours.
Dr Tatiana, Dr Paul, Dr Oliver, Nurse Nikki and their incredible colleagues were so lovely throughout the whole process, making it a pleasant experience, even putting on some great tunes 🎶 in theatre for her!

We‘ve heard how many vet nurses, vets, pet owners and other pet industry workers and volunteers come through their doors every year for similar injuries and are very thankful to have such kind and skilled people there to help us when we need it most 🧡🙏 This injury could’ve had a very different outcome had it not been for the efficient and skilled work from Dr Tatiana and her team, so from the bottoms of our hearts, THANK YOU ❤️🙏🙏🙏