Canberra Pet Rescue is a registered not-for-profit charity (incorporated association), with cats and kittens cared for in foster carers homes across Canberra. We primarily rescue cats and kittens on ‘death-row’ at pounds, but also take those who have been surrendered or abandoned.

We aim to ensure that no matter how they come into this world, every cat/kitten we save is given the chance to find a happy and loving forever home.
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Cats on Mats

The original and the best!

We held Canberra’s first ever Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) session on the 20th of January 2017. Our kittens loved their yoga session and we received some amazing feedback! You can read an article about it from the Canberra Times here.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback and support, we have successful ran over 20 Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) sessions now!! We have a dedicated and amazing group of volunteer yoga instructors who have come up with an incredible yoga routine for all levels to have as much fun with the kittens as possible.

Our kittens love the sessions which hugely help with their socialisation skills. The zen atmosphere in the studio makes the kittens feel like they’re in control of the class and they like to meet everyone with their funny interactive antics!

We advertise these events on our Facebook when they are coming up, and they sell out fast so stay tuned!

Ensure you keep an eye out for the upcoming Cats on Mats sessions and other fun events on our events page.

Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueMonday, August 10th, 2020 at 3:12am
Welcome to a life of food, love and being worshipped little one! 🧡 What a pleasant surprise after having no sightings or signs of this little one for over a fortnight from a family of kitties at a school we’ve been working at. We thought the foxes had sadly taken it but asked the lovely teacher assisting us to keep feeding just in case it was still there, and then a student reported seeing a fluffy tail!

We took the afternoon off (our paid jobs) to come and humanely trap and this time FINALLY we got it, after many other attempts in the evenings, weekends and overnights for so many weeks!

This baby is one of Belles kittens, and sibling of Aries. Aries lit up and sat up like a bunny in amazement when she saw her sibling again, followed shortly after by burying her head in the sardines we had used for trapping 😹 She’s pretty smitten to have her sibling back, she’s thrown all of her toys out of her bed and relocated it to be next to her sibling!

This makes the SIXTH kitty from this little family that will now have a life in a loving home with food and servants at their beck and call!
While we’re now quite sure there aren’t any more left, we still have 1,000 students and teachers keeping a look out just in case 😸

We’re not sure if this baby is a he or she yet as it’s never been handled so will need a bit of time to settle and socialisation first before we go near it’s bottom!

The lovely sponsors of Aries, Lyn and Ray Turner, have generously insisted on also sponsoring this gorgeous bub, so MEET CALYPSO!! 🧡😻

If you’d like to help us rescue more like Calypso please donate here:
👉👉👉 https://www.canberrapetrescue.org.au/donate/ 👈👈👈
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueSunday, August 9th, 2020 at 1:52pm
Aries...the princess of blankets! She tucks herself into bed every night, and often during the day if it’s cold or raining! 😹 She is the ultimate snuggle bug now but she’s still got a long way to go to build up her confidence and courage even more 🧡

Aries also still has cat flu symptoms so can’t be vet worked until she recovers, she currently requires cleaning of her eyes and nose multiple times a day but she’s feeling so much better 🤧

*We won’t be taking EOIs for her until she’s ready for adoption.*
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueSunday, August 9th, 2020 at 4:28am
Has anyone lost any precious toilet paper or had any funny moments during isolation? 😹

Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueFriday, August 7th, 2020 at 10:00pm
🐾Furever stories....🐾
Now here’s a very happy story for a challenging case! Back in February we took in little Mewnich, Eirini, Nara AND their beautiful mum from the streets of Canberra.

We were able to successfully socialise the bubs (remember those little snugglebugs: https://www.facebook.com/1593094144331114/posts/2252960185011170/) who all now have wonderful homes, however their mum was not as social and for her own mental health and stress levels, she couldn’t be homed in a house with a family after we evaluated her over some time. She clearly preferred the company of other cats but we couldn’t put her back on the streets as there was no stable food source or caretaker and their ongoing healthcare is always a priority to us. We can’t have animals starving or suffering on the streets.

Also worth noting we never, ever, kill cats for behavioural reasons, there is no excuse for doing this, we believe every life matters and should be given a chance.

We were able to vet work (desex, microchip, vaccinate and parasite control) this beautiful stressed mumma all thanks to her sponsor Mina Zaki who donated $300 to stop the breeding cycle and help her long term health. She called her Bergamo (a city in Italy) in line with her city themed litter. We are so thankful to Mina for enabling us to help save this girl and end the suffering of further kittens born on the streets.

We knew we needed a unique home for this girl, and as luck has it our amazing friend Martin had a space at his cat sanctuary to offer her a suitable forever home where she can choose whether she wants to be inside or outside via cat doors and spend as much or as little time with humans and other cat friends as she chooses.

Martins sanctuary, a two hour trip from Canberra, offers his cats a life where they live in large enclosured areas (without wildlife). It also includes some very cool play-landscape and places to retreat, explore, sunbathe and socialise.

Bergamo has settled in so well there. She made a new best friend almost immediately, Sanchez (who gave her a kiss before they started snuggling). Bergamo is a pretty popular kitty with all her new kitty-friends, and is very loved and spoilt by her human 😻
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueMonday, August 3rd, 2020 at 9:30pm
*UPDATE - EOIs closed, pending adoption meeting*


Gojira (Goji for short) is a young kitty (~6 months) whose early life was spent in the car park at Majura Park Shopping Centre – a drain was his favourite spot!

Goji’s shown a lot of resilience and adaptability in foster care. Within a day of being taken in off the street, he was willing to play and be touched, and he’s progressed quickly from there.

He loves being stroked, rubs up against legs, gets on laps for cuddles and enjoys sitting on the couch with his foster parents to watch TV after the kids are in bed. He likes following people from room to room to keep an eye on what they’re up to. He is very sociable, playful and a bit mischievous.

Goji’s been great with his foster parents’ young children (age 2 and 6), though he’s still learning about safe play and soft paws. We’re working on teaching him to use the scratching post. He’s tried to play with his foster family’s 18-year-old cat, but the older puss is having none of it.

We think he’d do well with other (young to middle aged) cats, or in a single-cat household. He’s had no exposure yet to dogs.

Goji doesn’t especially love being picked up, but we judge that’ll come easily with a bit more handling and food treats. He’s a lovely boy with a lot of interest and affection for people.

Goji is on our Scaredy-Pants program so his new owner will have lots of support to ensure he continues to progress to blossom even more 🧡

If you’d like to adopt this loving little furbaby please get submit an EOI:
👆 👆

IF you’ve already submitted an EOI in the past 90 days then fill in a short form instead: https://www.canberrapetrescue.org.au/reoi/

If you’d like to help us save more kitties just like Goji, please help us by donating here:
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet Rescue is at Queanbeyan Pound.Saturday, August 1st, 2020 at 9:00pm
Queanbeyan pound is now open again to the public 1-5pm Saturday’s!

Here’s the current list of pets looking for their forever homes 🐶 🐱

Please contact Queanbeyan Pound directly for any questions or to adopt, contact details in the poster 👍