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Ali (pictured) was riddled with fleas, suffering from cat flu, had a heavy parasite burden and a highly contagious skin condition (ringworm). He and his three siblings were all about to be euthanised when we saved them from a local pound and took them into our care. They required months of treatment and cost us a lot of money, but they are now happy healthy cats in loving homes. We believe every animal deserves this chance. We DESPERATELY need DONATIONS to be able to save more animals in need just like Ali.

Donations help us afford vet bills, medications, parasite control, litter, food, toys, bedding and other essential items. 100% of donations goes into care for our fosters.

Our adoption fees never cover the full extent of the costs to rescue, raise, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need. We constantly rely on generous donations from our beautiful community to continue our life saving work.

In addition to rescuing animals in need we also work with our community to provide owners in financial crisis with emergency food and items for their pets to avoid unnecessary surrendering of their furbabies.

Please consider a gift of money to help us help them.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Thank you for your donation, we couldn’t do this without your support. THANK YOU!