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Are you looking for a smoochy older to keep you warm in winters and cuddle you when you get home each day?
Sampson, and his good friend Delilah, are two 9.5yr old kitties have been very loved once upon a time but sadly found themselves in a pound for a few months before coming into our care. They are heartbreakingly fretting and seeking stability and love from a human of their own, could this be you?
Sampson is a large cat, very gentle, and loves pats — and food! He is on a weight loss diet with exercise, and doing very well at it being such a good boy!
Sampson and Delilah are both looking for a loving home together – they have both had dentals and have sparkling teeth now. They are inseparable and will make such a beautiful addition to a lucky person or couple – they even share lap time nicely.
Sampson (and Delilah) need a loving gentle home together. Sammy is quite happy-go-lucky, grateful for the finer things in life like exploring the house and laying in the sun, not a lot phases him. Both are VERY gentle cats.
Sammy has met another cat (other than Delilah) and wasnt too phased but Delilah doesnt seen to like other cats. Sammy was also happy to lay on the cat tower with the very calm dog laying on the ground nearby, Delilah prefers only Sammy though.
This gorgeous duo went on trial to a beautiful family with gentle and calm kids but unfortunately both cats were VERY stressed so we suspect they have had a very bad experience with kids and they had to come back to us. Given this they would suit a home with an adult or couple but no kids.
These gentle cuddly kitties will be the perfect addition to someone lucky! 🥰
🏠 Quiet home
👶 No
🐱 Yes but Delilah isn’t happy about other cats
🐶 Maybe – if dog is gentle and calm and not focused on the cats
All of our Adoptables are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and parasite controlled.
All adult cat adoption fees reduced to $200 until 30 Nov.
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Gentle giant with established good personality