Panda-Bear (aka Hissy Pants)


 Adopted / Posted 9 months ago

ADOPTABLE 🐾 Hissy Pants (aka Panda Bear)
Meet our affectionately named boy Hissy Pants aka Panda Bear 😻 When he came into our care a few months ago he was a hot mess hissing lots and quite unwell.
He had sadly been left at the vets to be put down for being too timid, incorrectly classed as “feral” like many scared kitties 💔
He spent his first few weeks in care hissing every time he saw his foster mum just to reiterate how unhappy he was with being fed delicious premium quality food and having his litter tray kept spotless 😹 He also had particularly long hisses to let us know how much he “liked” his many medications he had to take 😿
Even after many medications and much time and treatment, he never hurt anyone, and we secretly knew he is just one big softie! Slowly he has shown us that he really likes pats and is a gentle boy who just wants some love and attention. He loves his cheek scratches and slow pats and head massages.
He’s only around 9 months old, and needs a patient and calm owner, he loves his pats but he isn’t confident with cuddling yet. He bonds closely with his selected person and is a real night owl often loving his playtime by night and lounging around during the day.
He thoroughly enjoys the company of other outgoing cats to play with and is one of the most patient cats in the world and so gentle with kittens 🥰 He has grown quite close to Sage while in care so if you’re looking for two kitties they would be an ideal match. They aren’t a bonded pair though so it isn’t necessary. 
He’s all healthy now and ready to meet his new owner(s) and live in his new home 🧡
✅ Cat friendly
✅ Patient owner
✅ Room of his own to base him
✅ No kids
All of our cats are vet worked (desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, health checked and parasite controlled).
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  • Birthdate : 1 year
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Big sooky boy who loves other kitties!