Adopted / Posted 6 months ago

Olive is the sweetest of sweethearts. She loves booty scratches and ear rubs. She likes to play but nothing too noisy or fast. She gets the zoomies sometimes, but would rather follow you around the house and then take  nap together. She will lick, sniff, chew and nap in your shoes.

She would do best in a house with no kids as she prefers the gentle and predictable life. She would do well with another, gentle cat as a companion or, if given enough attention and things to climb and sleep on she would do fine on her own.

Olive loves loves and also love to have her feet facing the ground. She enjoys being picked up and hugged, but does not like being turned on her back, she passed her physical and the vets couldn’t find a reason.

  • Birthdate : 30/8/2021
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Sweetheart