RescueAssist Program

We are able to run this incredible program thanks to some very generous donors and businesses. As a rescue group ourselves, we understand how tough it is in rescue and know how much every little bit helps. This program isn’t designed to be a source of donations to become reliant upon, but instead a complimentary service to your existing fundraising to help with the mammoth task.

We help both pet and wildlife rescue groups across the ACT and Southern NSW.

It’s really simple…need help? Fill in a form and we’ll aim to give you what you need!

Items are located in Belconnen, ACT, with pickup available or if needed, we have some incredible volunteers driving donations across Southern NSW when required.

We all have the same goal to save the animals, and we do so much more when we work together to achieve this. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you need help, support or guidance in the big wonderful world of rescue. Together, we can do this!

RescueAssist Form

We have some amazing donations from incredible donors of food and items to help you with your rescue animals. Please note we will do our absolute best to provide you with what you and your foster / rescue animals need but sometimes we run out of stock. We do NOT require rescue groups to be registered with Government registries to use this service, we just ask that your practices are ethical. Please note, we deal with individual carers themselves and not groups to ensure everyone gets what they need. Being a rescue group ourselves, we know just how hard it can be to get the basics like food and items to help with foster animals. Our aim is to work together and support each other as animal (pet and wildlife) rescue groups to make it that little bit easier to save more animals in need.
NOTE: We may need measurements and/or weight of animals to provide the right size bed, collar, harness, jacket/coat, parasite control etc. Please have this information ready when we contact you shortly or include in above.
I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that items provided to me have been donated by businesses, private donors and/or Canberra Pet Rescue and I agree that I will not transfer, give, donate or sell the items to any other third party and will only use the items for the above listed animals. I understand items may be in a used condition, opened, near or past the best before date or have damage to packaging and I agree to accept them in the condition provided. I will not hold Canberra Pet Rescue or any of its third party partners or donors liable for any loss, damage or injury resulting from any donation. Should any loss, damage or injury result I will notify Canberra Pet Rescue immediately.
In addition, if requesting Prescription food: I confirm that my pet was examined by a Veterinarian who recommended the use of Vet Prescription Food. I have read and understood that whilst my pet is being fed Vet Prescription Food it is recommended that I seek veterinary advice at least every 6 months regarding the usage of this product. I have read and understood that I need to seek immediate veterinary advice if my pet\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s condition deteriorates in any way whilst I use Vet Prescription Food.
THANK YOU for filing in the form, please click SUBMIT below and we will be in touch in the next few days to organise pickup or drop off of donations.