Canberra Pet Rescue is a registered not-for-profit charity (incorporated association) based in Belconnen, but with foster carers across Canberra. We primarily rescue cats and kittens on ‘death-row’ at pounds, but also take those who have been surrendered or abandoned.

We aim to ensure that no matter how they come into this world, every cat/kitten we save is given the chance to find a happy and loving forever home.
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Discounts- Cat Netting


Looking for that purrrrfect Christmas gift for your loved one?
Now you can get it at a discounted price and support us!

We are so excited to announce that as a CPR supporter you can now get a 5% discount on any purchase using the codecanberrapetrescue

The catnets crew will ALSO donate 5% of the purchase price to us for our kitties 😸

Have you seen the structures that can be erected with this fantastic product?
Easy to install yourself, or pay a tradie to do it for you 🛠

Our fosters have certainly put this product to the test – not a single hole in the netting and still going strong! Kittens just love climbing up it 😹

If you’re ready to purchase it just follow this link now and remember that the code is canberrapetrescue!


Events- Cats on Mats

Shhhhhhh…the kittens will be back soon!

We held Canberra’s first ever Cats on Mats (yoga with kittens) session on Friday the 20th of January. Our kittens loved their yoga session and endless pats at Canberra’s first ever Cats on Mats sessions! We all had tonnes of fun and you can read an article about it from the Canberra Times here. All proceeds went to Canberra Pet Rescue and all the kittens that were helped because of this thank you!

After 11 successful (and sold out!) sessions we are currently getting another few litters ready for our next sessions. This takes a long time to ensure we have suitable kittens and the litters are all cross-socialised and healthy, so bare with us as our kittens well-being is our highest priority.

Ensure you keep an eye out for the upcoming Cats on Mats sessions on the events page.



Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueSunday, December 16th, 2018 at 12:09pm

If you would like the chance to win these tickets please invite 10 or more of your friends to Like Canberra Pet Rescue and then message DONE below...

Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueSunday, December 16th, 2018 at 11:38am
We are very excited about today - our BIGGEST CATS ON MATS SESSIONS EVER!
14 kittens full of energy and love, just waiting to meet everyone 🐾

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket - sorry - we will have further sessions next year with more furbabies we save 😸
Canberra Pet Rescue
Canberra Pet RescueSaturday, December 15th, 2018 at 3:27pm

We have a lovely little group of dedicated volunteers so we’d like to increase in size to make even more of an impact.

The more volunteers = the more ideas = the more events & activities = the more funds we raise = the more kitties we can save!!

If you’d like to join our volunteers group please send us a message to introduce yourself and let us know any ideas or capacity you may have to help and join our CPR volunteers group ❤️

We primarily need volunteers to:
-organise fundraising events
-help at fundraising events