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Samwell is a gorgeous little boy who loves his siblings and his foster parents.

He knows how to get lots of cuddles by sitting at your feet, looking up and very softly and sweetly asking in his sookiest little voice.


Samwell would really like a fur-sibling of possible as he’s very social and loves to snuggle.


He’s also very playful and wants a servant who will play with, cuddle and spoil him.


Enquire now if you’d like to meet this special little man!

  • Birthdate : 06/12/2018
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Sooky and playful little man

Adoption Process

We are committed to ensuring every cat or kitten adopted from us goes to a suitable loving home where they can live their happy ever after. We also like to ensure that the animal is best matched to the person's circumstances, lifestyle and family (especially other furry family members).

All of our foster cats are adopted to homes that are strictly indoor only or indoor with a cat enclosure or run.

Step 1: Enquire

 First, fill in the enquiry form below to make an enquiry. One of our team will contact you to discuss your application and potentially arrange a time to meet the cat/kitten.

Step 2: Meet

 We encourage you to take your time and meet as many as you like to make the best decision for your family, there is no obligation to adopt the kitty that you meet. We reserve the right to conduct house checks on any potential adopters, this can help to ensure the right homes for our foster kitties.

The foster carer will ask you some further questions to ensure the right match for you and the kitty.

Scent Exchange (optional) – we ask that you bring a small blanket or item of clothing (like a jumper) to leave at the carers house if it is a match, so the kitty can get used to your scent before the adoption day, and put its scent onto the item. We find it helps the cat/kitten settle in to their new home better if they become familiar with a family members scent, and can have scents from their foster home (and siblings or furry friends) on the item when settling into their new home.

Step 3: Prepare

 If it's a match, then make sure you have a space setup at home for your new arrival. Please ensure you have a plastic cat carrier to pick up your kitty in.

Please ensure you have the same kibble (dry food) that the cat/kitten has been eating in their foster home to ensure no tummy upsets. To ensure a smooth transition, it is also a good idea to find out from their foster carer: -what food they are on (wet and dry) and where to get it -what litter they like and dislike -what their favourite toys and bedding is -any specific likes or dislikes Stay tuned for a post on our recommended items soon, in the meantime here are some essentials you'll need: -food bowls (x2 for wet and dry) -water bowl or water fountain -litter tray and litter (and scooper), puppy pads too if using the Kitter Tray system -parasite control (Milbemax dewormer - we strongly recommend this brand due to coverage) -cat scratcher (post or cardboard scratcher) -cat tower (hey love heights - create lots of vertical space) -bed -toys (we sell the number one favourite cat teaser, they also love cardboard boxes) -brush if medium or long coat Something else worth considering is cat netting to create a safe outdoor space for them. Checkout for ideas on what can be easily built and use code "canberrapetrescue" for a 5% discount on all items.

Step 4: Pay

 We require adoption fees to be paid in full prior to the time of adoption. Please ensure the full adoption fee has been paid electronically into the bank account, and send a receipt to

  Bank details are as follows. Account Name: Canberra Pet Rescue Incorporated BSB: 062 900 Account Number: 1100 1488 Reference: <cat foster name of part thereof> Email:

Step 5: Collect

 At the agreed time and day you can come and pick up your new best friend (and your blanket/clothing) and commence a two-week trial period. If you have any questions or issues during this time we are always happy if you give us a call. You will be given a change of ownership form and adoption agreement to fill in at the adoption.

Step 6: Trial Period (two weeks)

At the end of the first week of the trial period we ask that you contact the foster carer that you adopted from to let them know how your new kitty is settling in. At the end of the trial period (two weeks after the adoption date) we ask that you again contact the foster carer to complete the trial period and commence your happy ever after with your new best friend.

Step 7: Updates

Our foster carers and followers love seeing the beautiful kitty’s in their new home and enjoying their new life. Successful outcomes for our fosters is what keeps us going through the tough times, and there are many of these in rescue.

We encourage you to please feel free to share your photos with us and let us know how they are going.

Please use this form to update us. We also love featuring past fosters in our "Furever stories" series on Facebook so please feel free to send us a blurb on how they're going after a few months with some pictures and we'll put it in a post to share with everyone :)

Adoption Fees

Kittens: $300

Cats: $300

Bonded pair (adults): $500

The adoption fee covers the cat/kitten being desexed, microchipped, parasite controlled and their first vaccination.

Cats (without unknown vaccination history) require two vaccinations 4 weeks apart, kittens require a series of 3 vaccinations each at 4 weeks apart. All cats require an annual vaccination booster.

This is all explained in the adoption paperwork at time of adoption.