Franc (Currencies litter)


 Adopted / Posted 2 weeks ago

Introducing Franc, one of the Currencies litter, which are some of the sweetest and most stunning and adaptable kitties you’ll see this year. These beauties came into our care after being abandoned at birth. They have grown into fun, confident and snuggly little babes and they bring a smile to all those who get to meet them.


Franc is a handsome young lad with gorgeous facial features and a range of expressions from the classic begging Puss in Boots to wise old Mufusa, he has mastered them all. Franc loves to carry things around – cat toys, pegs, random pieces of paper I’m sure I’ll find a secret little treasure nest when he moves out.


All members of the Currencies litter had brief positive encounters with dogs when very young, and Franc met one recently that didn’t phase him at all, so they will likely be fine with friendly dogs with a slow introduction. They all love each other, and would be suited to a home with one of their siblings or with another furry family member to bond with.


All of our Adoptables come desexed, vaccinated (first), microchipped and parasite controlled.
🐶 Fine with slow intro
🐱 Yes
👶 Yes – very tolerant of kids from toddlers and up
🎵 Loves a busy household or
🧘‍♂️ A quiet, relaxed home
  • Birthdate : 22/02/2022
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Entertaining collector of things