Adopted / Posted 6 months ago

Forrest will be your best buddy, he will learn your schedule and join you in everything that you do. His favourite activities include booty scratches, chasing things that make noise and eating. He will be happiest with a whole family to love him, the more attention he can get the better. He would be great with children who understand how to properly play with and care for a kitten. He takes to new experiences well, is incredibly affectionate and will be an amazing companion for life. He was born with a minor club foot deformity to his right foot which had not been causing him any issues, but since having a growth spurt in which he gained a significant chunk of weight he sometimes finds it hard to climb/pull himself up on things, but our vet is not concerned. He runs, plays and jumps without issue, and is in no pain or discomfort, he just can’t use the claws on that foot very much.

Forrest has been diagnosed as having a ‘club foot’. His right paw is smaller than his left and he has no visible nails. The vet who assessed him said they are confident in giving him a clean bill of health and that they can’t imagine him having an issues due to the slight deformity. It has not slowed him down at all, he walks, runs, climbs and jumps just like his litter mates.

  • Birthdate : 30/8/2021
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Your best buddy!