Dobby & Kreacher

 Adopted / Posted 11 months ago

These two boys came into our care as new borns with no mum, handed to the emergency vet before they came to us.

They had the odds stacked against them but overcame everything and are certainly showing what living life to the full is all about!

They will do anything to be with you, and we mean, right with you, on you cuddling constantly! If they aren’t doing that they will happily play together and/or with their toys.


If you’re after the perfect mix of cuddly, full of personality and playful, then these two are the boys for you.


Kreacher is the black bub, he has a special flicker of grey/silver on the tips of his fur coat, it’s stunning! He is suuuuuper outgoing and just loves doing whatever you’re doing!


Dobby has a tabby and white through his coat and is a little fluffier. He’s the more delicate of the two, he likes to be pampered and treated like a little prince and is very affectionate. He’s cuddly and like his bro, both think they’re still bottle babies who should be carried around like babies.


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  • Birthdate : 03/02/2019
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : Loving bottle babies