Chomsky (Philosophers Litter)

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Meet Chomsky, a cheeky and mischievous boy who is quickly forgiven for his adorable and sweet-hearted nature.
Chomsky came to us as a neonate with his fur-siblings after they were found cold, hungry and clingy to life dumped in a bin. Our carers worked tirelessly to save him and his fur-siblings, helping them grow into the thriving and loveable kittens they are now.
Chomsky is outgoing and confident once he knows his humans and surrounds. He loves being active and playing with his toys and fur-siblings. He especially loves playing with string toys. While he enjoys his play and being active, he also needs his space alone and can often be found sprawled out relaxing on his favourite cat bed. Chomsky never turns down a pat or cuddle and loves being affectionate.
Chomsky would suit a home with a dog or other cat. He would do well in either a busy or relaxed household, provided he could get lots of cuddles and attention.
Preference will be given to a suitable loving home willing to adopt two siblings together, especially with a cat-friendly dog but this isn’t essential.
Worth noting is he was one of the messiest little bottle babies we’ve had in care but over time he’s finally learnt to have manners and keep himself clean now 😹


All of our Adoptables come desexed, vaccinated (first), microchipped and parasite controlled.
🐶 Yes
🐱 Yes
👶 Yes supervised
🎵 Loves a busy household/relaxed household
  • Birthdate : 26/09/2022
  • Coat : medium
  • Best Feature : Playful boy who is always up for pats and cuddles

Adoption Process

We are committed to ensuring every pet adopted from us goes to a suitable loving home where they can live their happy ever after. We also like to ensure that the animal is best matched to the person's circumstances, lifestyle and family (especially other furry family members).

All of our foster cats are adopted to homes that are strictly indoor only or indoor with a cat enclosure or run. All of our dogs require suitable enclosed backyard space and daily exercise dependant on energy level. Our adoption process includes shortlisting of EOIs, video interviews with all household members, house check, adoption paperwork and payment, preparing for your new arrival and pickup.

Further information on the process is here.

Adoption Fees

  • Kittens (single): $410 (includes desexing, microchip, parasite control, first F3 vaccination, or $50 extra with second vaccination)
  • Kittens (pair): $375 each (includes desexing, microchip, parasite control, first F3 vaccination, or $50 extra each with second vaccination)
  • Cats: $350 (includes desexing, microchip, parasite control, first F3 vaccination, or $50 extra with second vaccination)
  • Puppies: $850 (includes desexing, microchip, C5 and C3 vaccinations, heartwormer, and parasite control)
  • Dogs: $550 (includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, heartwormer, and parasite control)
  • Other species: TBC depending on species, vet work required, etc
**The adoption fees contributes towards the pet being desexed, microchipped, parasite controlled and their first vaccination (puppies include two vaccinations - C5 and C3). Any additional vaccinations and annual check ups are at the expense of the new owner at their selected vet. Government / Council Registration (additional to microchip registration) needs to be done per State or Territory requirements for the species of animal by the new owner. We fundraise to afford the full cost of medical treatment and care which can cost us thousands per animal. Please consider making a donation to help us save more lives.**

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