Brienne of Tarth

 Adopted / Posted 1 year ago

This little cutie was removed from her mum and siblings at only 4-5wks old (not by us!) and bounced around homes before coming into our care so has a few quirks that she’s ironing out.


We initially dubbed her “Bitey-bum” as a temporary name due to her lack of social skills when she came into our care – she didn’t know the rules (no claws in skin, no hand play) and didn’t know how to interact with other kittens or cats. She knew how to bite, despite also knowing how to be an excellent cuddler.


Over a few weeks, she had a few lessons from her foster fur-dad as well as learning from her new siblings, how to be loving, play with toys and siblings (without biting!) and be a normal, yet VERY sweet little girl.


She’s full of energy, adores adult cats, and needs a house with another fur-sibling. Ideally she will be in a home with a sibling her own age or similar as she has energy 24/7 and tends to tire out an adult cat if they don’t want to play as much.


If you can offer this gorgeous little girl a loving suitable home then please get in touch.

  • Birthdate : 01/01/2019
  • Coat : short
  • Best Feature : HUGE personality