Foster Caring

Foster caring is a rewarding way to make a difference to many animals lives.

Unfortunately we are currently not accepting new applications as we do not have the resources to train and support new carers whilst maintaining the level of support we have for our existing foster carers.

If you are interesting in foster caring we suggest you speak to another ethical* rescue group.

*An ethical rescue group should easily be able to advise you of their procedures and policies, especially for handling quarantine (which should be a minimum of two weeks with no contact with other animals) and preventing outbreaks. They should also have a local experienced carer and local vet (including after hours emergency vet) available to support you and your fosters with medical care available when required.

Foster caring can be challenging with many animals coming into care in a bad way and requiring treatment and socialisation, however seeing them thrive and go to a new loving home can make it all the worth while.

We wish you all the happiness with helping to save the beautiful animals.